Wardrobe Architect: February Progress Report 2

Well, I now have three bags of clothes to donate. I’ve also narrowed down my shoes to six pairs (well, seven with my ghillies)–unfortunately, that includes two pairs that I love but will need replacements within the next year since they’re getting worn out and two pairs that I should replace because they’re not comfortable (in one case, I LOVE the look and just can’t bear to part with them yet; and in the other, they fill a gap in my wardrobe–I just need a more comfortable version that’s actually wearable). I have no interest in making shoes, so the only way to update this aspect of my wardrobe is to buy new ones. (Alas!) At least I’ve narrowed it down–this is what I need:

  • Another pair of sandals for everyday wear. I love the pair I have, but the straps are getting worn out and if I wear them every day again this summer I’m sure I’ll need another pair.
  • New winter boots. Again, the ones I have are developing holes. I may hold off until the fall, though.
  • Black dressy shoes. The only dressy shoes I have are really uncomfortable and don’t fit, but I do sometimes attend dressy events so I do need some dressy shoes!
  • Victorian-style half-boots. Okay, this is not a “need,” but “desperately want.” 🙂 I think they would be a useful spring/fall shoe, too, but since I don’t really have an occasion to wear them specifically they will be on the back burner for now.

If you want to lurk my shoe collection and ideas for supplements and replacements, check out the Pinterest board. (Yes, I’m quite happy to stick to brown and black shoes, with the occasional red pair. I want shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits easily and, as you’ll see whenever I post my palette choices, I favor subdued colors.)

As for clothes, I still need to go through my main closet again, long-sleeve shirts (I suspect I’ll be making new ones for the fall, but may hang onto the ones I have for the rest of this season), and outerwear. I’m shelving the costume decisions for now–too much to deal with at the moment.

Oh, incidentally, the hardware on the strap of my regular purse broke, so I took the opportunity to order supplies for a Dottie bag. 🙂 Will post more on that when it’s done.


Costuming Humor

Courtesy of American Duchess:

I haven’t had such problems on the subway (aside from the looks and comments–mostly complimentary, fortunately). But I also haven’t tried going through a turnstile in a hoop!

Wardrobe Architect: February Progress Report

Nothing too exciting, but I’ve started the process of weeding my clothes. I’ve gone through t-shirts and pajamas; still to go are long-sleeved shirts, outerwear, and everything hanging in my two closets (ack). I should probably take this opportunity to weed socks and shoes, too.

I also have a fair number of costumes that I should probably discard. Knowing me, I’ll want to make new ones for any events I may go to in the future anyway (and my old costumes are some of the first things I made, so it pains me to contemplate their unfinished seams). That means I should really let those old ones go! (Just trying to remind myself of that, ha.)

Photo Mar 09, 1 51 15 PM

Gah, that underskirt is like 4 inches too short. Kinda proud that this thing was totally self-drafted, though.

Finally, I started looking at color palettes per Week 5 of the original Wardrobe Architect. I like the idea of checking out paint chips, so I may try to get to a hardware store sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Other Sewing Plans for 2015

Aside from the Wardrobe Architect Challenge, I have a few other things I’m already planning to make this year. First, I’d like a black handbag–I’m debating between these two patterns:

dottie satchel
Dottie Vintage Bag Satchel Bag

I already know what fabric I’d use for the Dottie (outer and lining–awesome, right??), but I think the satchel would be great in a gray/black tweed. Maybe the Dottie for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter? (I’m currently using a brown satchel that I like a lot, but it’s faux leather and developing cracks, sigh.)

Next, I’m hoping to take a trip to the UK this year, so in preparation:

Passport Wallet

I also have at least one or two formal dance events, for which I will probably be making new dresses. One I definitely want to make is this:

Butterick 6019

I’m thinking brown satin with a dark green tulle petticoat. Accessorized with leaf and/or flower jewelry, of course. And perhaps a matching bolero for dinner. (Look, my last few gowns have been all sparkle and glitter, so I’m toning it down for this one.)

For less formal dancing, I’m planning this (short version) in blue-and-white gingham:


I also recently bought new dance shoes (ghillies!) and they don’t fit into my old shoe bag. So a new shoe bag is definitely on the schedule.

Finally, I love to make historical clothes at any hint of an opportunity to wear them. Unfortunately, what I really want to make is an 1880s mourning dress, but I have no events to wear one to! I have all of the patterns I need and I’ve already made a combination, corset, and bustle. (Though I kind of want to make a new corset . . .) Anybody know of any appropriate events in the NYC area?

Wardrobe Architect 2015: Week 4

Well, I can’t think of any reason I’d use Polyvore for anything else, but it was very useful for this exercise. I tried to ignore colors (and, to some extent, texture/fabric) to focus just on shape, but as you can see this was only partly successful. (Yes, okay, half the reason I picked the London skyline skirt was for the pattern.) Anyway, these are all shapes I’d be happy to wear. There’s a clear pattern: fitted tops and mid-length to long full or flared skirts. (Shorter skirts are only okay in winter when I wear tights because my legs must be covered at all times to avoid contact with subway seats.) I wonder if there’s not enough variation here, but, hey, I like what I like . . .

One thing I learned was that if I wear high-waisted skirts or layer tunics/short dresses over longer skirts, I can pair them with cropped outer layers. I hadn’t really thought about that, but I do have a couple of short(ish) jackets and a short cardigan that I like a lot. (Plus, making one wouldn’t use a ton of fabric, so it might be a fun thing to try in something expensive.)

Oh, and I admit I chose that hoodie with a peplum because I’d never seen a hoodie with a peplum and now I’m dying to have one! I’d add a front zipper, though (and, obviously, no giant B on the front). I’ve been wanting to make a sweatshirt anyway!

Here’s the whole collection:

(Or see the collection on Polyvore.)

Wardrobe Architect 2015: Week 3

From Week 3, the shapes I rated the highest (8s, 9s, and 10s) were:

  • Skirts: Very long/Maxi, Midi length, Very full, Somewhat full, High waistline, Mid/natural waistline
  • Dresses: Knee length, Very full, Somewhat full, High waistline, Mid/natural waistline
  • Pants: Very long
  • Tops & Blouses: Very fitted, Somewhat fitted
  • Jackets & Blazers: Very fitted, Somewhat fitted, Above hip length
  • Cardigans: Very fitted, Somewhat fitted, Above hip length
  • Outerwear: Very fitted, Somewhat fitted

Well, the results above aren’t any surprise: I like fitted tops and full, long(ish) skirts.

I didn’t have any 8s, 9s, or 10s marked in necklines and sleeves. I guess I don’t have strong likes there (but a few strong dislikes to avoid)!

On to Week 4. Guess I’ll have to finally explore Polyvore. . . .

Wardrobe Architect 2015: Weeks 1 & 2

Okay, I’m not going to post my full responses to the worksheets, but they were interesting to go through! From the Week 2 worksheet, here are the final words I chose to describe my core style:

  • elegant
  • comfortable
  • earthy
  • romantic

I think they accurately reflect what appeals to me (and has for a long time), with room for variety. The images I chose to represent them may not seem to necessarily be immediately related, but for all of them either the garment depicted or the overall image (or both) gives me a similar pleasant feeling of “rightness” (if that makes any sense). It took a rather long time to assemble these, even though I pulled a lot of them from my preexisting Pinterest boards!

For image sources, see the corresponding Pinterest board.

Wardrobe Architect 2015: The Resolution

I registered this blog because I wanted a place to post my sewing projects and none of the current social networks were really “right” for it. But I didn’t actually want to start “blogging” (tried that before and failed); I am much too lazy to write regularly, nor am I interested in building up a following, moderating comments, learning how to take good photographs (and buying the equipment), and so on. I still wanted a place to post my sewing projects, though!

Then I read about Wardrobe Architect on Coletterie and their new 2015 challenge. (Okay, I’m a month late–but only a month late!) I had already been thinking about doing something similar last fall and had even put together a small spreadsheet of fall and winter clothes staples I wanted to make. In addition, I recently heard about the KonMari Method and have been considering doing a major wardrobe purge (motivated not least by the fact that I have to move sometime in the next few months, possibly to a much smaller space).

So I hearby declare that I will be participating in Wardrobe Architect 2015 in an attempt to give myself the motivation to streamline my wardrobe, make some new clothes I will actually wear regularly, and amass a bit of a collection of my completed sewing projects all in one place. Now off to catch up.