Wardrobe Architect 2015: The Resolution

I registered this blog because I wanted a place to post my sewing projects and none of the current social networks were really “right” for it. But I didn’t actually want to start “blogging” (tried that before and failed); I am much too lazy to write regularly, nor am I interested in building up a following, moderating comments, learning how to take good photographs (and buying the equipment), and so on. I still wanted a place to post my sewing projects, though!

Then I read about Wardrobe Architect on Coletterie and their new 2015 challenge. (Okay, I’m a month late–but only a month late!) I had already been thinking about doing something similar last fall and had even put together a small spreadsheet of fall and winter clothes staples I wanted to make. In addition, I recently heard about the KonMari Method and have been considering doing a major wardrobe purge (motivated not least by the fact that I have to move sometime in the next few months, possibly to a much smaller space).

So I hearby declare that I will be participating in Wardrobe Architect 2015 in an attempt to give myself the motivation to streamline my wardrobe, make some new clothes I will actually wear regularly, and amass a bit of a collection of my completed sewing projects all in one place. Now off to catch up.