Wardrobe Architect 2015: Week 4

Well, I can’t think of any reason I’d use Polyvore for anything else, but it was very useful for this exercise. I tried to ignore colors (and, to some extent, texture/fabric) to focus just on shape, but as you can see this was only partly successful. (Yes, okay, half the reason I picked the London skyline skirt was for the pattern.) Anyway, these are all shapes I’d be happy to wear. There’s a clear pattern: fitted tops and mid-length to long full or flared skirts. (Shorter skirts are only okay in winter when I wear tights because my legs must be covered at all times to avoid contact with subway seats.) I wonder if there’s not enough variation here, but, hey, I like what I like . . .

One thing I learned was that if I wear high-waisted skirts or layer tunics/short dresses over longer skirts, I can pair them with cropped outer layers. I hadn’t really thought about that, but I do have a couple of short(ish) jackets and a short cardigan that I like a lot. (Plus, making one wouldn’t use a ton of fabric, so it might be a fun thing to try in something expensive.)

Oh, and I admit I chose that hoodie with a peplum because I’d never seen a hoodie with a peplum and now I’m dying to have one! I’d add a front zipper, though (and, obviously, no giant B on the front). I’ve been wanting to make a sweatshirt anyway!

Here’s the whole collection:

(Or see the collection on Polyvore.)


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