Other Sewing Plans for 2015

Aside from the Wardrobe Architect Challenge, I have a few other things I’m already planning to make this year. First, I’d like a black handbag–I’m debating between these two patterns:

dottie satchel
Dottie Vintage Bag Satchel Bag

I already know what fabric I’d use for the Dottie (outer and lining–awesome, right??), but I think the satchel would be great in a gray/black tweed. Maybe the Dottie for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter? (I’m currently using a brown satchel that I like a lot, but it’s faux leather and developing cracks, sigh.)

Next, I’m hoping to take a trip to the UK this year, so in preparation:

Passport Wallet

I also have at least one or two formal dance events, for which I will probably be making new dresses. One I definitely want to make is this:

Butterick 6019

I’m thinking brown satin with a dark green tulle petticoat. Accessorized with leaf and/or flower jewelry, of course. And perhaps a matching bolero for dinner. (Look, my last few gowns have been all sparkle and glitter, so I’m toning it down for this one.)

For less formal dancing, I’m planning this (short version) in blue-and-white gingham:


I also recently bought new dance shoes (ghillies!) and they don’t fit into my old shoe bag. So a new shoe bag is definitely on the schedule.

Finally, I love to make historical clothes at any hint of an opportunity to wear them. Unfortunately, what I really want to make is an 1880s mourning dress, but I have no events to wear one to! I have all of the patterns I need and I’ve already made a combination, corset, and bustle. (Though I kind of want to make a new corset . . .) Anybody know of any appropriate events in the NYC area?