Wardrobe Architect: February Progress Report

Nothing too exciting, but I’ve started the process of weeding my clothes. I’ve gone through t-shirts and pajamas; still to go are long-sleeved shirts, outerwear, and everything hanging in my two closets (ack). I should probably take this opportunity to weed socks and shoes, too.

I also have a fair number of costumes that I should probably discard. Knowing me, I’ll want to make new ones for any events I may go to in the future anyway (and my old costumes are some of the first things I made, so it pains me to contemplate their unfinished seams). That means I should really let those old ones go! (Just trying to remind myself of that, ha.)

Photo Mar 09, 1 51 15 PM

Gah, that underskirt is like 4 inches too short. Kinda proud that this thing was totally self-drafted, though.

Finally, I started looking at color palettes per Week 5 of the original Wardrobe Architect. I like the idea of checking out paint chips, so I may try to get to a hardware store sometime in the next couple of weeks.