Wardrobe Architect: February Progress Report 2

Well, I now have three bags of clothes to donate. I’ve also narrowed down my shoes to six pairs (well, seven with my ghillies)–unfortunately, that includes two pairs that I love but will need replacements within the next year since they’re getting worn out and two pairs that I should replace because they’re not comfortable (in one case, I LOVE the look and just can’t bear to part with them yet; and in the other, they fill a gap in my wardrobe–I just need a more comfortable version that’s actually wearable). I have no interest in making shoes, so the only way to update this aspect of my wardrobe is to buy new ones. (Alas!) At least I’ve narrowed it down–this is what I need:

  • Another pair of sandals for everyday wear. I love the pair I have, but the straps are getting worn out and if I wear them every day again this summer I’m sure I’ll need another pair.
  • New winter boots. Again, the ones I have are developing holes. I may hold off until the fall, though.
  • Black dressy shoes. The only dressy shoes I have are really uncomfortable and don’t fit, but I do sometimes attend dressy events so I do need some dressy shoes!
  • Victorian-style half-boots. Okay, this is not a “need,” but “desperately want.” 🙂 I think they would be a useful spring/fall shoe, too, but since I don’t really have an occasion to wear them specifically they will be on the back burner for now.

If you want to lurk my shoe collection and ideas for supplements and replacements, check out the Pinterest board. (Yes, I’m quite happy to stick to brown and black shoes, with the occasional red pair. I want shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits easily and, as you’ll see whenever I post my palette choices, I favor subdued colors.)

As for clothes, I still need to go through my main closet again, long-sleeve shirts (I suspect I’ll be making new ones for the fall, but may hang onto the ones I have for the rest of this season), and outerwear. I’m shelving the costume decisions for now–too much to deal with at the moment.

Oh, incidentally, the hardware on the strap of my regular purse broke, so I took the opportunity to order supplies for a Dottie bag. 🙂 Will post more on that when it’s done.