Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe Review

[Admin note: I moved recently and it hasn’t exactly gone smoothly, so frequency of both sewing and posts will drop off even more for a while yet. However, I am attending Workroom Social’s Weekend Dressmaking Intensive this weekend, so I may do a writeup about that. In the meantime, here’s a review post.]

Okay, we’ve been having consistently warm/hot days here, so I’m discovering what items I’m actually wearing, what’s staying in the closet, what’s coming out of the closet more often than I’d assumed it would, and what of the remaining items I’d planned to make I still want/need.

Two items I’m finding myself wearing more often than expected are my Nevermore dirndl skirt (actually quite lightweight and works great with the color scheme of my capsule wardrobe–I highly recommend this fabric!) and my peach calico Giselle dress (super comfortable despite fitting issues, but nowhere near the color scheme of of my capsule wardrobe). Perhaps I thought dirndl skirts didn’t really fit the silhouettes I’d picked, but I don’t think that’s the case after all. I’m adding the Nevermore skirt to the capsule wardrobe, but not the Giselle dress since the color is so off. (However, I do 100% plan to make a wool version of the Giselle dress for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe!) I think my spring/summer capsule wardrobe is getting too large, actually. But perhaps this just means I should ax whatever I don’t end up wearing much at the end of the season?

Anyway, to organize things I’ve annotated the latest version of my capsule wardrobe plan with some thoughts and updates:

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe Sewing Queue: Annotated Review


  1. MAKE: Knee-length Hollyburn in black cotton poplin; white lining with white eyelet ruffle (longer than overskirt); contour waistband; elastic in back of waistband
    • Oddly, I started out really gung-ho this, but now I think it’ll be set aside. I’m finding that I’d much rather have longer skirts and I have plenty of knee-length skirts and dresses already. I’m pretty sure I’ll be axing this from the list, but I haven’t decided yet whether to replace it with something else (a linen maxi skirt perhaps?).
  2. DONE: Maxi petticoat skirt in black voile, gathered at waist with back elastic
    • Love it! A pain to iron, though.
  3. DONE: Brown midi petticoat skirt
    • Works great as an underskirt under dresses.
  4. IN PROCESS: Blue denim Hollyburn–need to take in waistband
    • I wear this a lot–as is–and really need to get around to fixing the waistband, ha.
  5. IN PROCESS: Black floral circle skirt with attached black eyelet petticoat–need to replace waistband
    • I’ve gotten as far as removing the previous waistband. 
  6. DONE: White midi petticoat
    • Pretty much use it as an underskirt, but works great for that.
  7. IN PROCESS: Brown maxi petticoat skirt–needs a new waistband and closure
    • Still in the considering-what-to-do stage. I don’t really need this. But it’s something I already have and I think would be very useable if I just fixed it up!
  8. DONE: Nevermore dirndle skirt.
    • Newly added to the wardrobe, but made ages ago! Love this fabric pattern.


  1. DONE: Sweetheart t-shirt in white interlock (from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual)
    • Not really wearing it that often, but it’s a good staple to have.
  2. MAKE: Sweetheart t-shirt in black jersey
    • I actually have two RTW black t-shirts that are filling this hole right now. However, one is very plain and uninteresting, and the other is getting a bit worn out. Still trying to decide whether to replace it with a new Sweetheart tee now or maybe wait until the situation becomes an actual need.
  3. DONE: Peplum top from Lady Skater in cream jersey
    • Not wearing this as much as I’d thought. I like it when I pull it out, but I don’t love the sleeves and it only really works with one skirt.
  4. HAVE: Black & white polka dot Bronte top
    • Pretty much only wear this with one skirt (the jean skirt), but I do love it. Sadly, the fabric is fading a bit already, though.
  5. HAVE: Gray & black horses print Bronte top
    • Mostly the same as #4, though this fabric is so soft and drapey I think it would’ve worked better as pajamas.
  6. DONE: Black tunic top from Weekender Dress pattern
    • Much too hot for this now! Perhaps just move this to the fall/winter wardrobe.
  7. IN PROCESS: Black gauze top–need to add shirring to waist
    • Well, I’ve removed the original waistband and just need to do the shirring–I’m a little concerned that I’ve ripped a hole in it, though.


  1. HAVE: Gray floral Lady Skater
    • Love it and wear it a lot, but the fabric has unfortunately become very pilled. This may not last more than one season, sadly.
  2. HAVE: Black and gray Weekender Dress
    • Wear it a fair amount, though the weird hem requires ironing (ugh).
  3. HAVE: Green and pink floral Lady Skater
    • Wear it a fair amount, though the color isn’t quite right for the capsule wardrobe. Perhaps move off?
  4. HAVE: Green knee-length dress with neck ties (purchased)
    • Still like it and wear it, though the puff sleeves aren’t good for layering. Will probably keep it in rotation for now.
  5. MAKE: Green Lady Skater w/ collar and back zip
    • Love it, even though the skirt’s a little short. I just layer it over the brown midi skirt.
  6. MAKE: Dress in black interlock with Nevermore collar (Simplicity 1699 view B, however, may use the Lady Skater for this, too)
    • Not sure if really needed, though I still kind of want to make it. Maybe save it for fall/winter and do with long sleeves?


  1. MAKE: Long-sleeve bolero in gray (or black?) linen or laceweight sweater knit or lightweight sweatshirt fleece (Butterick 5232) (currently, I’m jonesing for a ballet cardigan instead, so may change this)
    • If I really need another piece of lightweight outerwear, what I should aim for is a casual, neutral lightweight outer garment for layering to replace the jean jacket, which is too small for me. Not sure if this is really necessary at this point, though linen would be comfy and useable in all kinds of weather, and depending on pattern could be dressed up. Still contemplating.
  2. HAVE: Olive military jacket (purchased, but need to fix closures)
    • Still good, still need to get more hooks and eyes.
  3. HAVE: Gray jersey elbow-length cardigan w/ ruffles (purchased)
    • Love it and wear it all the time!
  4. HAVE: Black and cream lightweight sweater knit cardigan (purchased)
    • Wear it a fair amount.
  5. HAVE: Jean jacket (purchased)
    • Will be removing this from the wardrobe since it’s really too small.

So I’m down to maybe making 4 more items (or maybe none!) and a bunch of fixes. Maybe I can convince some friends to have a crafting/mending party to give me a kick in the butt??

Finally, I now have definite plans that would require a black gauze peasant dress, so I’m absolutely planning to make one. Whether or not it’ll be included in the capsule wardrobe is still up for debate.

P.S. Happy marriage equality, United States!! 🌈❤️️🎉 #LoveWins