Cloth Book Cover

Here’s a little project to get back in the swing of things: a cloth book cover. This one is mass-market size with a ribbon bookmark.


It’s just a simple rectangle with the raw edges covered by ribbon, then the long ends folded over and sewn at the top and bottom to form pockets that hold the book’s paper cover.


I drafted this myself and it’s a bit tight, though it juuust fits the short-ish book in the top photo (which happens to be the next book in the series I’m reading, so I’m covered [sorry] for the near future]). Next time I might just bind the raw edges rather than covering and folding them down. The fabric is a flocked denim that I had in my stash. I bought a bunch of it years ago and keep making small bags out of it.

In other news, I’ve started thinking about my fall/winter capsule wardrobe for the Wardrobe Architect Challenge. Mostly, this means I’m pinning stuff to a new “fall inspiration” board (hope that link works; Pinterest seems to be having issues at the moment)–it’s a a bit of a grab bag since it consists of not just garments, patterns, and fabric, but also random fall images. For now I’m just pinning stuff I like and/or that makes me excited about the season/sewing, and I’ll move on to a more concrete plan in the next few weeks. Look for a spring/summer capsule wardrobe wrap up soon, too.