Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe Final(??) Review

Okay, I admit: I’m DONE with summer. DONE. To be fair, I loathe summer in general, so I was pretty much done with it as soon as we reached temperatures above 75. But I’m also getting bored of my sewing queue and, frankly, I don’t actually need any more items for my capsule wardrobe. I’d still like to finish up those few items that just need altering, but, well, I’m also getting along fine either wearing them as-is or without them altogether.

So I’m declaring this year’s spring/summer capsule wardrobe tentatively complete. There are one or two more items for warm weather on my “might make” list and, well, I never know when I might be inspired to actually make/finish one. But I’m getting much more interested in fleshing out fall/winter at this point, so I’m (mostly!) closing the door on spring/summer.

Spring/Summer Final Capsule Wardrobe


  1. Black voile maxi petticoat skirt
  2. Brown midi petticoat skirt
  3. Blue denim Hollyburn (finally fixed the waist, hahaha)
  4. White midi petticoat
  5. Nevermore dirndl skirt


  1. Sweetheart t-shirt in white interlock (from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual)
  2. Peplum top from Lady Skater in cream jersey
  3. Black & white polka dot Bronte top
  4. Gray & black horses print Bronte top
  5. Black tunic top from Weekender Dress pattern
  6. Black Pavlova top


  1. Gray floral Lady Skater
  2. Black and gray Weekender Dress
  3. Green and pink floral Lady Skater
  4. Green knee-length dress with neck ties (purchased)
  5. Green Lady Skater w/ collar and back zip


  1. Olive military jacket (purchased, but need to fix closures)
  2. Gray jersey elbow-length cardigan w/ ruffles (purchased)
  3. Black and cream lightweight sweater knit cardigan (purchased)

So that rounds out the capsule wardrobe at 19 items total, 15 sewn by me, and 4 sewn specifically for this exercise. Even though I didn’t make everything I’d initially planned, I actually like having fewer items (and I’m pleased that even my casual sewing before this was pretty on-point for styles/colors/patterns I like to wear regularly–nice going, past me!).

I’ve already started mapping out what I need and/or desperately want for the fall/winter. So far, it’s up to 24 items with 6 or 7 new ones to make. It might end up being that many just because I’ll need more layering pieces and outerwear, or maybe I’ll start off ambitious and end up dropping things of the list like I did here. We’ll see!