Wardrobe Architect 2015: Fall Planning

I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and go through the Coletterie post “5 steps to plan your fall sewing.”

Step 1: Review Your Core Style


Lookin’ good. Pretty autumn-y already. 🙂

Step 2: Make a Fall Moodboard


A mixture of favorite fall-flavored images and things I’m thinking about making or buying, collected over at Pinterest.The board is too big (and still growing) to capture the whole thing here, so visit it at Pinterest.

Step 3: Choose Your Fall Silhouettes


A few new silhouettes here: the A-line skirt (spoiler alert: I’m actually almost done with this one), jeans(!), and the empire waist dress (which, okay, I had on the spring/summer silhouettes, but didn’t end up using at all). That last is really just included because I have one (purchased) empire-waist dress that I loooove and wore all last winter and I expect I’ll be doing that again this winter. As for the jeans, I don’t really like wearing pants and I’m not interested in sewing them, but I’m hoping to go horseback riding this fall and, well, I need jeans for that! But those will be going on the to-purchase list. (I do like the look of jeans, though! I just need to find comfortable ones. . . .)

Step 4: Form Your Fall Palette


Yeah, mine is . . . exactly the same as it was for spring/summer. #noregrets

I’ve also been thinking about some fall/winter fabric patterns that I would like to use–namely, plaid and argyle–but I haven’t yet figured out if they’ll fit into my capsule wardrobe.

Step 5: Make a Project List

In progress. It currently includes 5-6 sewing projects and a few things I need to purchase. I’m actually mostly with one new item for fall. Write-up tk soon!