Other Sewing for Fall/Winter

Besides the capsule wardrobe sewing, I’ve got a few more items on my list to work on in the next months.

First, there’s one outfit that I definitely need to sew for the fall: a ballgown and matching bolero for an event in early November. I’ve got this one pretty much planned out already; will need to start work in September or early October at the latest.

I also still have Ren Fair plans for the end of November and there are a number of items I’d like to sew for that one, too. I really need to get this finalized!

And, lastly, there’s no rush on these, but I really want to get started on some Victorian clothes! I keep finding out about Victorian costume events too late to make anything for them, so I should just make some outfits when I have the urge so that they’re done whenever I might need them. There are three outfit ideas percolating in my brain right now: a navy/white striped “seaside” costume, a blue/white/plaid fancy dress ballgown (more details if this comes to pass!), and a mourning day dress. All of these will be rather expensive thanks to the amount of fabric and accessories I’ll need to buy, but I’ll try to chip away at it by getting individual pieces done over a few months. (First up: petticoats!)