The Made Up Initiative


A few days ago, Did You Make That launched a charity challenge: The Made Up Initiative. Participants make a donation to the UK National Literacy Trust and pledge to create something (it need not be sewn!) by September 10. Anybody who completes the challenge is entered to win a bunch of sewing goodies! (And, of course, they’re supporting literacy in the UK . . . but, c’mon, PRIZES. 😛 )

Since I love both reading and sewing, I figured signing on was a no brainer. I’m pledging to make a handkerchief hem skirt (or dress–depends on how it goes!) since it’s something on my to-do list and I have all the materials for it already. (I’m trying not to spend any more money on sewing stuff until September, so fall capsule wardrobe stuff is on hold for the moment.) (Though I have completed one skirt for it! And one other skirt . . . that was not on any to-do list . . . oh well.)