Gray Linen Half-Circle Skirt

So, um, this wasn’t on any of my plans–not just the Wardrobe Architect plans, but even my random other-stuff-to-sew plans. I was just craving a maxi skirt in linen and put their Asphalt linen on sale and, well, my impulse control was lacking that day. 

But, wait! you might say. That’s not a maxi skirt. Yeah, uh, I miscalculated how much I’d need. Oops? So I just made it as long as possible.


(Yes, I’m wearing knee highs in 90-degree weather. I don’t even own sandals.)

I didn’t use a pattern for this. It’s a half-circle skirt with a 1-inch waistband, in-seam pockets (of course) on the sides, and an invisible zip closure in back. I feel like I’m getting the hang of this invisible zipper business! It sits below the natural waist, which I debated for a while (since almost everything I have cinches in at the waist–but I’m happy with the finished shape. It’s comfy and flowy (there’s nothing better than linen in hot weather).


(What expression is that??)


Also, look at this fucking hem. I’m weirdly proud of how well it turned out (if you could see my horrendous first attempt at hemming a linen circle skirt, you would understand–trust me). This lovely finish is courtesy of a tip I learned at Workroom Social’s Weekend Dressmaking Intensive: serge the hem, then fold over twice. The serged edge is ¼ inch, so it’s a perfect guide for a narrow hem. And a narrow hem is an easy way to finish a curve like this.


Some might consider this below-the-knee length a bit “matronly” I think, but it does have one major advantage over knee-length (or shorter) skirts: when I sit down, it doesn’t ride up enough to expose my skin to the subway seats. Shorter skirts are okay when it’s cool enough to wear thick tights, but for warm weather my germaphobia appreciates the longer length.

I confess: this doesn’t really fill any hole in my wardrobe. I have to cut myself off from skirts! Well, after the next one–which IS for a costume and therefore totally okay. I have one other skirt to blog about, but it’s already finished and DOES fill a hole! It’s just so autumn-y that I’m having trouble gearing up to take photos in this heat. Soon.