Corduroy Ginger

I don’t know why I decided suddenly that I needed a corduroy A-line skirt and I’m not sure that I love the shape on me, but this pattern was great! This is a Colette Ginger, version 2 (scalloped waistband), in brown cotton corduroy. Of course, you can see I made some changes.


A scalloped hem! I followed the instructions here and they turned out great. And check out my facing fabric:


So autumn-y. I also used this fabric as the lining for the other modification:


Pockets! Overall, the pattern was super easy and quick (well, except for the scallops). I’m finding on wearing it that the waistband is a bit too wide for me (you can’t really tell in these photos, but the top is going over my lowest ribs), so next time I’ll make it narrower. However, it is gently contoured, which fits much more nicely than a straight waistband.



Invisible zip! Again, I’m not sure I totally love the A-line shape, but I still kind of want to make another one in denim, if only because it was so easy! (And took less fabric than my usual skirts.) It’s a good pattern to customize with fun details because it’s otherwise pretty simple. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an A-line skirt that sits at the waist.

Capsule wardrobe update:

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


  1. Gray floral Lady Skater (short sleeve)
  2. Black Weekender dress (short sleeve)
  3. Green purchased dress (short sleeve)
  4. Gray wool Giselle (3/4 sleeve)
  5. Black knit dress (long sleeve)
  6. Red purchased dress (long sleeve)


  1. Brown tweed Hollyburn
  2. Black wool Walking Skirt (need to fix waistband)
  3. Corduroy Ginger
  4. Jean Hollyburn
  5. Nevermore skirt
  6. Green plaid wool skirt (need to add lining)
  7. Jeans


  1. Plain black T-shirt (short sleeve)
  2. White sweetheart T-shirt (short sleeve)
  3. Gray cropped V-neck (elbow-length)
  4. Black wrap top (elbow-length)
  5. Cream turtleneck (long sleeve)
  6. Black cameo Bronte (long sleeve)
  7. Black Weekender tunic (long sleeve)


  1. Black corduroy blazer
  2. Pumpkin corduroy blazer
  3. Black fleece zip-up hoodie
  4. Bottle green wool sweater
  5. Black or gray wool sweater?
  6. Heavy black wool coat


  1. Slips*
  2. Tights & socks
  3. Black boots
  4. Brown oxfords
  5. Scarves
  6. Brown satchel
  7. Black She Who Sews Dottie bag
  8. Black leather gloves
  9. Brown leather gloves

*Someone gave me a bunch of historical patterns, including the Edwardian underthings pattern from Folkwear. So now I’m kind of thinking of doing the drawers in bemberg rayon to use as a half slip.

Next up: Well, I’ve completed one other thing on the above list that has not yet been blogged. Then a Victorian dress for October (sneak peek), the hoodie, and a ball gown for November.

Made Up Initiative: Handkerchief (Sorta) Hem Skirt

Here’s my completed project for the Made Up Initiative: a handkerchief-hem skirt! It’s made of supercomfy black cotton gauze with two rows of elastic for the waistband. I was originally planning to make just a big square, but that ended up limp and uninteresting. So I rounded it off to a big circle skirt. Then, uh, that was still kinda limp and uninteresting! So I added six pick-ups and topped them with little purple ribbon bows. (That is, I pinched up some fabric from lower down on the skirt and tacked it to higher spots. These are sewn down, which makes me a little nervous about whether they might get ripped out if I accidentally step on the hem . . . we shall see, I suppose!)

IMG_3087This gave me more of the fullness I wanted, but now I know to go the tiers/ruffles route when sewing gauze. Maybe I will layer it over a ruffled underskirt.

And check out the cute hem!

IMG_3028This is a three-thread narrow overlock stitch (still learning new things to do with my serger).

Overall, the skirt is light and airy (despite being pitch black and therefore difficult to photograph), very comfortable on a hot day. Crinkle gauze is kind of a pain to work with since you can’t press it flat and therefore it’s impossible to get it very precise (or so I’ve found, at any rate). The key, I suppose, is making something like this–loose fitting with a deliberately uneven hem.

IMG_3118I kept trying and failing to get some good action shots, since it’s nice and flowy! I’m planning to wear this to a Ren fair in November, so will try to get some better photos then.