Plaid Lady Skater

First make of 2016 (with cameo from Bailey). (I actually finished this weeks ago; just slow about blogging.) This is a long-sleeve Lady Skater in plaid. I used the long sleeves from the Lady Skater pattern with no modifications and they (fortunately, since I didn’t measure, haha) fit perfectly.
As I have in the past, I raised the waistline slightly and increased the skirt length. The two other modifications I made were adding a contrasting “belt” (shortened the bodice and put in strips of the other fabric in place of the length I removed) and POCKETS.
This time, I did shaped pockets and stabilized the top pocket edge with interfacing. These are much more stable than regular in-seam pockets in a jersey skirt, which makes them more useful. To create the pocket pattern, I just examined my Hollyburn pattern–it won’t work as-is with the Lady Skater skirt, but gives you an idea of what  you need to do (draw out the pocket bag and modify the front skirt).
(Incidentally, I have an OTR knit dress with in-seam pockets that are attached at the waistline, which makes them pretty stable AND hidden. I may have to try that the on the next knit dress.)
Main fabric is Brown Black Plaid Cotton Jersey Blend Knit from Girl Charlee. It’s very thin and not terribly soft (I also found that it liked to cling to itself a lot), but it’s also the only plaid jersey I’ve been able to find (and I can’t complain too much considering the price). Contrasting fabric is Black Solid Cotton Modal Spandex Ribbing Knit from Girl Charlee, and it’s soooo soft! I hope they restock it because I think it could make cozy t-shirts and/or maybe a wrap dress?
Anyway, that’s one more off the to-do list!

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


  1. Gray floral Lady Skater (short sleeve)
  2. Black Weekender dress (short sleeve)
  3. Green purchased dress (short sleeve) (but I’ve hardly been wearing this at all, now that we’re in layering weather)
  4. Cream floral Lady Skater (elbow-length sleeve) (might be moved to spring)
  5. Black knit dress (long sleeve)
  6. Red purchased dress (long sleeve)
  7. Plaid Lady Skater (long sleeve)


  1. Black wool Walking Skirt (need to fix waistband)
  2. Corduroy Ginger
  3. Jean Hollyburn
  4. Nevermore skirt
  5. Green plaid wool skirt (need to add lining–eh…maybe, maybe not)
  6. Jeans
  7. Flannel petticoat 


  1. Plain black T-shirt (short sleeve)
  2. White sweetheart T-shirt (short sleeve)
  3. Gray cropped V-neck (elbow-length)
  4. Black wrap top (elbow-length)
  5. Cream turtleneck (long sleeve)
  6. Black cameo Bronte (long sleeve)
  7. Black Weekender tunic (long sleeve)


  1. Black corduroy blazer
  2. Pumpkin corduroy blazer
  3. Black fleece zip-up hoodie
  4. Bottle green wool sweater
  5. Black or gray wool sweater? (I did buy one recently, but it doesn’t fit very well so I’m considering returning it. Still haven’t found any good sweater knit to make my own.)
  6. Heavy black wool coat


  1. Slips
  2. Tights & socks
  3. Black boots
  4. Brown snow boots
  5. Brown oxfords
  6. Scarves
  7. Brown satchel
  8. Black She Who Sews Dottie bag
  9. Black leather gloves
  10. Brown leather gloves