Wardrobe Architect 2016

The warm weather this weekend has me thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe. I’m putting together a Pinterest board of things I like and possible patterns, but I’m keeping it private for now to let the ideas percolate. In general, I’m currently leaning toward more long skirts, light layers, and cropped tops (pretty much the same silhouettes as last year; I’m just discovering more holes in my wardrobe that need to be filled!). I’m also a little bored with some of the patterns I’ve been working with, so I’m planning to branch out with a few new things. (Super excited about those.)

I have a bunch of non-capsule wardrobe projects on my plate, too. One of them is a dress whose bodice I just finished fitting, so I hope to be working on that pretty steadily. (It’s for an event that’s a few months off–for once, I’ve started well in advance!) I have another costume planned; just waiting for confirmation that I’ll be going to the event where it’s needed before I start working. And look for a post on a new bag in a few days….