Navy Twill Six-Gore Skirt

Oops, another random item of clothing! I’d bought this navy cotton twill for another project that then got cancelled, so instead I decided on an Edwardian-ish long skirt (I know it’s not historically accurate; no need for any “well, actually…” emails). I started with this 1948 “pattern”:



Of course, I had to size it up a bit for my waist size, and as you can see I made it longer (more like 42″), which meant less flare overall. I also curved the waist and hem so I wouldn’t be cutting off the points of the long sides while attempting to even out the hem at the end. I added a pocket in the right side seam (which I later realized I should’ve made out of a lighter material, but oh well!).


The skirt closes with a button on the waistband and an invisible zipper in the left side seam. I really wanted to do a lapped zipper in keeping with the 1940s pattern, but I’ve never done one before and all the online instructions insisted that you needed at least a 5/8″ seam allowance while I’d used 1/2″ (to make the math easier, haha).


The waistband is faced with grosgrain ribbon (to reduce bulk), which is kind of fun.


And it’s hemmed with a 3-inch facing, which helps the skirt keep its nice shape.


All in all, I’m really happy with the fit! I’m usually so worried about making things too small that I end up with garments that are too big and then I never get around to taking them in. So I’m thrilled this one actually fits really well in the waist (without relying on elastic).

I could definitely see myself making this again, maybe in wool. I’m thinking of making the center back panel wider and pleating it for more fullness. Maybe if I made it out of something lightweight I’d put elastic in a wide center back panel for comfort and a gathered effect.

P.S. Pretty sure this took me longer than 4.5 hours since I ended up doing the waistband and zipper insertion twice!