Spring/Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve made my Pinterest board for my spring/summer 2016 capsule wardrobe inspiration public. It has a very much earthy/natural/dark feel, similar to last year’s (you’ll see a lot of “mori” looks, though it’s not 100% what I’m going for–I like the layers, long skirts, ruffles, and dark/earthy colors, but I prefer fitted tops/bodices and defined waistlines). Last year I found myself both staring jealously at everyone wearing maxi skirts and really enjoying layering, so I’m consciously trying to add long skirts and layers. In addition, I’ve cut some things from my wardrobe that I just didn’t love all that much and was keeping “just in case.” I’m trying instead to focus on making items I really enjoy, each on their own. So far I have yet to “run out” of clothes. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is my spring/summer 2016 capsule wardrobe plan. (Bold items are to sew. I’ve actually already completed two of them, just haven’t gotten around to blogging about them.)

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe


  1. Gray floral Lady Skater
  2. Green dress (purchased)
  3. Cream floral Lady Skater (this is a holdover from fall/winter that didn’t end up getting made then)
  4. Calico Giselle
  5. Calico Simplicity 1080 View A (I’m not 100% sure this pattern will work for me, but…I’m just dying to try it!)


  1. Jersey maxi skirt (McCall’s 6608 View D) in black
  2. Gauze maxi skirt with ruffle (rework gauze circle skirt for this)
  3. White petticoat skirt
  4. Brown midi petticoat skirt
  5. Jean Hollyburn
  6. Nevermore skirt


  1. Wrap top (Butterick 6285)
  2. Cropped black T-shirt
  3. Another T-shirt/knit top of some kind
  4. Black Weekender tunic


  1. Jean jacket (Simplicity 8020 View A)
  2. Army green jacket (purchased)
  3. Green spencer
  4. Gray jersey cardigan (purchased)
  5. Aurelia cardigan?

In addition to the capsule wardrobe items above, in the next six months or so I’m also planning to sew:

  • Two costumes (one is almost done!)
  • Two ballgowns/party dresses (already planned)
  • LBD (I keep waffling on what pattern to use…)
  • A lightweight quilt for summer (this will be a new experiment for me, but I’ve been doing research and have already found the pattern and fabric I want to use)