Purple Rose Giselle Maxi Dress

I admit, this was almost 100% copied from Marcy Hariell’s Giselle. In fact, it’s thanks to her post that I discovered and bought the pattern in the first place, so it’s kind of funny that it’s taken me this long to actually make the maxi version! (I did make View A a few years ago.)
The fabric I used is a lovely, cool rayon challis, which sadly doesn’t seem to be available anymore. I did underline the midriff with cotton lawn to give it a bit of stability since it’s very drapey and shifty. I started with View B, and make the following changes:
  • Added the sleeves (I used the View A upper bodice and back pieces).
  • Lowered the bustline to get the midriff under my bust, which caused the lower edge of the midriff to hit my high waist, so to me it doesn’t really read as an empire waist (this is what happens when you have a “short” waist). Beware, this makes it rather low cut! I debated adding a piece of lace to fill in the V a bit, but Instagram/laziness convinced me that it’s okay as is.
  • Swapped the two skirt pieces so that the longer one was on top, though now I’m wondering if it would’ve been better the other way–eh, I’m happy with it in any case.
  • Added in-seam pockets!
I was planning for this to be a casual summer daytime dress, but I feel like the fabric makes it look pretty fancy. Oh, well! Now I have a dress for summer cocktail parties (if I ever go to any, ha).