Dottie Vintage Bag

The strap hardware on my regular bag broke recently, so I used this opportunity (*cough*excuse*cough*) to make the Dottie Vintage Bag I’ve been planning.


Outer fabric is She Who Sews Vintage Canvas Black.


Check out that tape measure ribbon I used for zipper pulls! Perfect, right?? I picked it up from my favorite trim store, Pacific Trimming. I also used a two-way purse zipper, though the pattern didn’t call for one.


Lining is She Who Sews Tape Measure Red.


It turns out this “red” was a bit too orange for my taste, so I used some generic gray gabardine (probably 100% polyester–from some random fabric store in the Garment District) for the handles and piping. But I think I like it better with the gray anyway.


The pattern has just one pocket–the interior zipper pocket. I added three more: two interior slots for my iPod and a pen, and one exterior patch pocket with a magnetic snap for my MetroCard.


I don’t sew non-apparel items often, but I’m pretty pleased with this. The pattern wasn’t difficult to follow; the only part that ended up being really tricky was attaching the main body pieces to the top/bottom piece (which is joined in one big loop at that point). I wonder if there’s any trick to sewing two pieces together that are meant to be at right angles from each other. I also found that the CraftFuse didn’t want to stay fused (maybe I didn’t iron it long enough?), so next time I use it I’ll machine baste around the fused pieces, too.

This is also the first time I’ve made piping! It could be tighter; just don’t look too closely, okay? 🙂 It was easier and less tedious than I though it’d be. Maybe I should try to incorporate it in garments more often.

I wish I’d added a cross-body strap so it’s a bit more useable for me. Even though I used the longer strap length, they’re really too short to comfortably fit over my shoulder. Next time!