I’m alive! I took a break thanks to the holidays and a stressful move, but now that I’ve finally settled in I’ve finished my first sewing project in the new place: potholders.


Nothing much to say about them! The outsides are a quilting cotton, and between are 2 layers of cotton batting and 1 layer of Pellon 975 Insul-Fleece. Edges are bound with store-bought double-fold bias tape. I honestly can’t remember what tutorial I followed, but there are tons all over the web if you want to make some for yourself.

Anyway, I have four other projects in various stages of doneness, and two knitting projects in progress. So I am working on stuff! Just haven’t finished much yet.

Long Time No See

As much as I hate summer, I confess the warmer weather is causing my thoughts to drift to making lightweight clothing. I have to take a look at my closet to see what should be retired, but I’m pretty sure the main lack in my wardrobe is summer tops. (That said, I’m already planning three new skirts [which I realllly don’t need, ha].)

I would like some tops with button closures and I’ve bookmarked a few patterns . . . but I’ve only had pretty disastrous results with my buttonholer (and forget handmade buttonholes). However, I know I read somewhere in the last few months that other people really like the buttonholer for the Featherweight, so maybe I need to try it again? Maybe it’s okay for shirting and the problem was trying it with canvas?

Anyway, this blog was supposed to be a chronicle of things I made and I haven’t been actually updating it because taking photos is such a pain. I’ll just accept that I’m never going to photograph the plain black turtleneck I made months ago (though it’s a very useful wardrobe staple). Aside from that, I’ve mostly been working on two Regency dresses in preparation for last weekend’s Regency Dance Weekend in Salem (write-up on those to be posted shortly).

Now that that’s done, my tentative sewing queue currently includes:

  • Ball/party dress for Pawling and Pinewoods dance camps
  • Short-sleeve top(s) (still deciding on pattern(s))
  • Short-sleeve dress (probably another M76349)
  • Black purse
  • Knit maxi skirt
  • Linen maxi skirt
  • Peasant skirt (look, this will be useful for the ren fair, so it’s totally necessary!)

Further out:

  • Costume for Pinewoods?
  • New top for JC Ball (stretch velvet)
  • New costume for ren fair?

I’ve also started knitting! I’ve finished two pussy hats, an Outlander-inspired capelet (just in time for warmer weather, haha), and am making good progress on a lace shawl. Of course, I really want to make a sweater . . . but not sure if I’m up to that quite yet. Find me on Ravelry under Sewfall.

Other Sewing for Fall/Winter

Besides the capsule wardrobe sewing, I’ve got a few more items on my list to work on in the next months.

First, there’s one outfit that I definitely need to sew for the fall: a ballgown and matching bolero for an event in early November. I’ve got this one pretty much planned out already; will need to start work in September or early October at the latest.

I also still have Ren Fair plans for the end of November and there are a number of items I’d like to sew for that one, too. I really need to get this finalized!

And, lastly, there’s no rush on these, but I really want to get started on some Victorian clothes! I keep finding out about Victorian costume events too late to make anything for them, so I should just make some outfits when I have the urge so that they’re done whenever I might need them. There are three outfit ideas percolating in my brain right now: a navy/white striped “seaside” costume, a blue/white/plaid fancy dress ballgown (more details if this comes to pass!), and a mourning day dress. All of these will be rather expensive thanks to the amount of fabric and accessories I’ll need to buy, but I’ll try to chip away at it by getting individual pieces done over a few months. (First up: petticoats!)

Cloth Book Cover

Here’s a little project to get back in the swing of things: a cloth book cover. This one is mass-market size with a ribbon bookmark.


It’s just a simple rectangle with the raw edges covered by ribbon, then the long ends folded over and sewn at the top and bottom to form pockets that hold the book’s paper cover.


I drafted this myself and it’s a bit tight, though it juuust fits the short-ish book in the top photo (which happens to be the next book in the series I’m reading, so I’m covered [sorry] for the near future]). Next time I might just bind the raw edges rather than covering and folding them down. The fabric is a flocked denim that I had in my stash. I bought a bunch of it years ago and keep making small bags out of it.

In other news, I’ve started thinking about my fall/winter capsule wardrobe for the Wardrobe Architect Challenge. Mostly, this means I’m pinning stuff to a new “fall inspiration” board (hope that link works; Pinterest seems to be having issues at the moment)–it’s a a bit of a grab bag since it consists of not just garments, patterns, and fabric, but also random fall images. For now I’m just pinning stuff I like and/or that makes me excited about the season/sewing, and I’ll move on to a more concrete plan in the next few weeks. Look for a spring/summer capsule wardrobe wrap up soon, too.

Wardrobe Architect 2015: Week 8, Makeup & Hair

Wardrobe Architect Week 8 is all about “your beauty routine.” This is easy to cross off the list since I barely do anything for mine. I don’t wear makeup regularly (only on rare special occasions and for some costumes) and I almost always wear my hair the same way. I already spend the least amount of time I possibly can on getting ready in the morning (sleep is more important than “beauty” to me–I am not a morning person) and I think I’ve pared my products down to the bare minimum (moisturizer and lip balm). I could probably stand to throw out some products I never use, but there isn’t a lot. So I’m going to count this week done!