Wardrobe Architect 2015: Weeks 5, 6, & 7, Color Palettes and Solids vs. Prints

Wardrobe Architect Weeks 56, and 7 were fairly easy for me. I chose to pick up paint chips to determine my color palette (I found this much simpler than trying to pick colors in Photoshop). As you can see, my palette is almost entirely neutrals (or “nearly neutrals”). This isn’t a shock to me; they’re honestly the colors I like, plus it’s true I tend to gravitate toward them because they make matching clothes easy. (Apparently yellow and orange are entirely banned, and I only have one purple item of clothing, which I’ve kept just because I love the shape.) It’s really useful to spell this out, though, since I do sometimes find myself drawn to a certain item of clothing, a fabric, or an accessory only to regret the purchase later because either it just isn’t “me” or it doesn’t match anything else in my closet! Now I can point to this palette to restrain those urges and focus on what really works.


(Of course, the paint manufacturers have much more fanciful names for these colors.)

As for solids vs. prints, I tend to prefer solids. I’m amused to find that I have strong feelings about certain prints (I hate blocky geometrics, most stripes, and chevrons, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in animal print). The only prints I enjoy pretty consistently are florals–but only realistic and/or “antique-y” florals. I prefer naturalistic prints and dislike anything modern and/or “loud.” Oh! And I like classic “preppy” prints like plaids and argyle. Those really scream “fall,” though, so I probably won’t be shopping for any of those until I’m planning my fall/winter makes. My fabric Pinterest board is a pretty good roundup of prints I like.


(Okay, yes, there are a fair number of novelty prints, too–I believe nearly all are related to at least one of the following: Halloween, autumn, literature, sewing, or chocolate. They suffer from being rather theme-y and difficult to match for everyday wear. Whatever; I’m totally making an autumn leaves dress for fall one of these days.)

Choosing Season-Appropriate Fabrics

I’m still working on wardrobe weeding (yes, apparently I do need at least a full month for that!), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started planning what to sew for spring and summer–and what fabrics I’ll need to buy. The article Fabric Swaps for Every Season from Seamwork looks like it will be a useful resource, especially for someone like me who does a lot of fabric shopping online (but is far from a fabric expert!). I just wish their diagram had a branch for “doesn’t wrinkle.” 😉