Linen/Cotton Tunic

The best thing about this tunic is that it finally gave me a chance to use the scraps of black-and-white rose print quilting cotton I’ve been hoarding for years! I loved that print and never could find it again, and all I had left were a few pieces that were too small for most things. Well, they worked out great in this!


The gray fabric and contrast black are a linen/cotton blend–it’s a little coarse-feeling, but I’m hoping it softens up in the wash.


The pattern is the Torii Tunic from Serendipity Studio. I found it yielded a pretty loose fit on me (in contrast to the pattern photos) when I made up my usual size and I ended up using 1-inch seams on the sides to get a closer fit (the pattern uses 1/2-inch seam allowance). It’s still a bit loose, but that’s what I wanted–figured it would be something comfy yet protective for hot summer days.