Hoodie + Hooded Tunic

It’s a two for one! Both of these items are based on Simplicity 1251, View B. First up: A tunic. I wasn’t really planning on this one–it’s not in the right colorway for Wardrobe Architect and isn’t very stretchy at all…but I saw a possibility with the border print (plus, I’d bought this fabric from Girl Charlee ages ago–Marigold Floral on Dusty Teal Border Print Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric; it doesn’t seem to be available anymore–and never done anything with it) and the hoodie was so easy to put together (yes, the hoodie came first) that I went for it anyway.


So, as you can see, I placed the border print on the bottom of the sleeves and around the hood. I think I followed the pattern instructions pretty closely for this one, except that I turned the hems of the sleeves and bottom up rather than attempting to do a lettuce hem.


Oh, the other modifications were that I increased the flare from the waist (as usual), made the hood a bit bigger, and chopped off about 3.5-4 inches from the bottom. That tunic is really long!

Next up is the hoodie:


This is a super-soft and cozy modal/poly sherpa fleece knit from Fabric.com. Sooooo comfy. (Also apparently no longer available! So sad!) This was from the same pattern pieces as the tunic (with the added flare), but I kept the original length in the back and cut it up way shorter in the front. And I added an inch in the center front for the seam allowance around the zipper. (The zipper is 12 inches in length, just fyi.)


For this one, I did attempt a lettuce edge with  my serger, but the fabric just wasn’t stretchy enough so it isn’t obvious. Oh well.

In addition to adding a separating zipper in the front, I decided to use cotton twill tape to bind the neckline rather than bias tape, based off an OTR hoodie I have. It looks great on the inside and is soft, but I’m not sure how you’d use that method to do the V-neck if you wanted to make it without a zipper in the front….

Anyway, my one regret is that I cheaped out on the zipper, and it STICKS IRRITATINGLY. I’m trying to decide if it annoys me enough to buy a new zipper and replace it (especially since I did such a nice job installing it, siiiigh)….


Overall, I found this pattern to be easy and flattering and I loved the shape and bell sleeves! (I might have to steal those sleeves for other things….) The hood was a little small for my giant hair, but for someone with a cute pixie cute like on the pattern envelope it would be fine. Fortunately, that’s an easy thing to change if you prefer giant hoods like I do.

Obviously, I didn’t do any of the needle felting–that’s not something I know how to do or am interested in learning/investing in anytime soon (so many other things to do/learn/buy first!). I like the roses, though, and it’s good inspiration for appliqué placement.

I’m not sure how often I’ll wear the tunic since the fabric just isn’t that comfy (not stretchy enough), but I’m tempted to make another in a better fabric. At least the hoodie means one more thing finally checked off the Wardrobe Architect plan!



Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


  1. Gray floral Lady Skater (short sleeve)
  2. Black Weekender dress (short sleeve)
  3. Green purchased dress (short sleeve)
  4. Gray wool Giselle (3/4 sleeve)–Perhaps to be replaced with a long-sleeved Lady Skater or two??
  5. Black knit dress (long sleeve)
  6. Red purchased dress (long sleeve)


  1. Brown tweed Hollyburn
  2. Black wool Walking Skirt (need to fix waistband)
  3. Corduroy Ginger
  4. Jean Hollyburn
  5. Nevermore skirt
  6. Green plaid wool skirt (need to add lining)
  7. Jeans


  1. Plain black T-shirt (short sleeve)
  2. White sweetheart T-shirt (short sleeve)
  3. Gray cropped V-neck (elbow-length)
  4. Black wrap top (elbow-length)
  5. Cream turtleneck (long sleeve)
  6. Black cameo Bronte (long sleeve)
  7. Black Weekender tunic (long sleeve)


  1. Black corduroy blazer
  2. Pumpkin corduroy blazer
  3. Black fleece zip-up hoodie
  4. Bottle green wool sweater
  5. Black or gray wool sweater?
  6. Heavy black wool coat


  1. Slips
  2. Tights & socks
  3. Black boots
  4. Brown oxfords
  5. Scarves
  6. Brown satchel
  7. Black She Who Sews Dottie bag
  8. Black leather gloves
  9. Brown leather gloves