Glenda Convertible Clutch in Skeletal Toile

This isn’t the bag I intended to make. See, I decided about a week ago that it’d be useful to have a tiny bag–just big enough to hold my phone and wallet–for an upcoming trip. It would be something I could use as a purse, but which could also easily be stowed away in a backpack (aka my “personal item” for carrying on the plane). In my mind, a “clutch” is indeed a tiny bag–and this pattern is a “convertible clutch,” so, hey, it would have a shoulder strap! (I don’t understand the appeal of having to carry clutches in general, so I wouldn’t have been interested if it hadn’t included a strap.)

But, uh, turns out other people’s definitions of clutches don’t necessarily match mine.


Yeah, this bag is much bigger than I’d intended, and then I went and made it out of a cream fabric, which means I’m not so inclined to cram it into another bag and risk dirtying it.


THAT SAID. This is a super cute bag! It doesn’t match anything I own, but what a fun fabric, right?? This is an Alexander Henry quilting cotton (Midnight Pastoral Toile in cream), lined with a plain natural muslin. Delightfully, everything used for this bag came from my stash except the pattern and the hardware (D rings, swivel clips, and magnetic snap), so at least I didn’t waste a bunch of cash on something that may not turn out to be so useful. (The interfacing and stiffener were not exactly what the pattern called for, but I think they were perfectly adequate substitutes.)


Obviously, the sizing issue is merely  due to my laziness in not reading the pattern (which does say what the finished bag size will be). I found the pattern–the Glenda Convertible Clutch from Swoon Patterns–pretty easy to follow and my only deviation was adding that bit of lace on the flap. (I do rather wish Swoon had included a photo of someone holding the bag on their product page so I could’ve judged the size that way, though. That’s why I included that photo of me above.)


Oh well! I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing, but I kind of adore it. Also, I’m learning that bags are a GREAT way to use all those wonderful quilting cotton patterns that I love, but that aren’t so useful for clothing.


I still might make some kind of gothic lolita skirt out of the rest of this yardage, though….

Anyway, this will probably be my last post for the year (there have been many snafus with acquiring fabric in the last month and a half, so no new garments at the moment). Happy holidays & see you in 2016!