Long Time No See

As much as I hate summer, I confess the warmer weather is causing my thoughts to drift to making lightweight clothing. I have to take a look at my closet to see what should be retired, but I’m pretty sure the main lack in my wardrobe is summer tops. (That said, I’m already planning three new skirts [which I realllly don’t need, ha].)

I would like some tops with button closures and I’ve bookmarked a few patterns . . . but I’ve only had pretty disastrous results with my buttonholer (and forget handmade buttonholes). However, I know I read somewhere in the last few months that other people really like the buttonholer for the Featherweight, so maybe I need to try it again? Maybe it’s okay for shirting and the problem was trying it with canvas?

Anyway, this blog was supposed to be a chronicle of things I made and I haven’t been actually updating it because taking photos is such a pain. I’ll just accept that I’m never going to photograph the plain black turtleneck I made months ago (though it’s a very useful wardrobe staple). Aside from that, I’ve mostly been working on two Regency dresses in preparation for last weekend’s Regency Dance Weekend in Salem (write-up on those to be posted shortly).

Now that that’s done, my tentative sewing queue currently includes:

  • Ball/party dress for Pawling and Pinewoods dance camps
  • Short-sleeve top(s) (still deciding on pattern(s))
  • Short-sleeve dress (probably another M76349)
  • Black purse
  • Knit maxi skirt
  • Linen maxi skirt
  • Peasant skirt (look, this will be useful for the ren fair, so it’s totally necessary!)

Further out:

  • Costume for Pinewoods?
  • New top for JC Ball (stretch velvet)
  • New costume for ren fair?

I’ve also started knitting! I’ve finished two pussy hats, an Outlander-inspired capelet (just in time for warmer weather, haha), and am making good progress on a lace shawl. Of course, I really want to make a sweater . . . but not sure if I’m up to that quite yet. Find me on Ravelry under Sewfall.

Wardrobe Architect 2015: The Resolution

I registered this blog because I wanted a place to post my sewing projects and none of the current social networks were really “right” for it. But I didn’t actually want to start “blogging” (tried that before and failed); I am much too lazy to write regularly, nor am I interested in building up a following, moderating comments, learning how to take good photographs (and buying the equipment), and so on. I still wanted a place to post my sewing projects, though!

Then I read about Wardrobe Architect on Coletterie and their new 2015 challenge. (Okay, I’m a month late–but only a month late!) I had already been thinking about doing something similar last fall and had even put together a small spreadsheet of fall and winter clothes staples I wanted to make. In addition, I recently heard about the KonMari Method and have been considering doing a major wardrobe purge (motivated not least by the fact that I have to move sometime in the next few months, possibly to a much smaller space).

So I hearby declare that I will be participating in Wardrobe Architect 2015 in an attempt to give myself the motivation to streamline my wardrobe, make some new clothes I will actually wear regularly, and amass a bit of a collection of my completed sewing projects all in one place. Now off to catch up.